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Franchise Consultancy Service

Helping your business to expand internationally, assisting you in setting up Concept standards, finding best markets and also best approaches. We also help finding the suitable Franchise concept to adopt locally, and follow up through the whole process including the actual setup of your business. Franchising avoids the problems of slow growth, outside capital, and finding the right employees. Franchising is the one growth system that allows businesses to expand exponentially. can grow fast simply by selling individual units. And grow even faster by selling multiple units or territories to sub franchises.

Franchise Consulting understands every aspect of the franchise process. Our experts available to help you grow your business with our full service outsourcing option, you can leave the franchise business consulting to us while you can get back to your business, when you're trying to grow your business and earn a profit. That is the important part of any business.

INFOMATICS Also helps Investors finding potential Concepts through wide range of available concepts we are marketing or even finding the proper concept. Working with our partners not only to find the Franchise but also to implement, establish your Business and run it.

Current Franchise Offering

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria
For delicious and authentic New York style pizza, baked calzones, gourmet pasta and nutritious salads, there's one restaurant concept that is becoming a favorite in many cities throughout the world - Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.

We're excited to announce our partnership with a well-established New York-based company, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.

Fresh & Healthy Brands is now the exclusive Master Franchisor for Famous Famiglia Pizzeria in Canada and other select international markets.

If you're interested in opening a successful pizza franchise - one that's different from all the rest - this could be the most unique opportunity for you.

Delighting customers at over 120 locations worldwide, Famous Famiglia is a fast-growing business with unlimited potential. Started by four brothers in 1986 with just one location, Famous Famiglia has been known for quality food and the finest ingredients, including California tomatoes, premium mozzarella cheese and extra virgin first cold-pressed olive oil, produced in Italy.

Many celebrities come to Famous Famigilia because they love the food. The brand has been featured numerous times on television. Famous Famiglia has locked up prestigious sponsorships: it's the official pizza of The New York Yankees, New York's Madison Square Garden, the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Hersheypark, and Six Flags Theme Parks. You'll find Famous Famiglia in many airports throughout the U.S., as well as in China and Mexico.

Franchising Opportunities;
Interested in learning more about franchising with Famous Famiglia start contacting us on +965-99655906 or email at :

Go-Grill: Sizzling Taste with a Healthy Attitude
Go-Grill is our hottest franchise brand! Go-Grill extends the nutritious and health-conscious menu offered across the Fresh & Healthy Brands family with a whole new approach to grilled items.

Go-Grill's menu features health-conscious selections like range-fed beef, free range chicken and fresh caught seafood, plus vegetables, fruits, noodles, tofu, soups, sauces and more! Everything is selected carefully to be hormone-free, nutritious, and delicious. Plus, it's fun to eat at Go-Grill – you just pick your food selections, weigh it, and grill it!

The expanded Go-Grill menu creates an even broader opportunity for our Franchise Partners who want to participate in this remarkable healthy food franchise.

Take a look at what makes Go-Grill one of the most exciting new franchise opportunities:

  • Store concepts
  • Hot Healthy Menu
  • Locations now opening in New York City and Bahrain
  • Master Franchise rights now available

Go-Grill offers an easy operation with high revenues and low costs. Singe and Master Franchises are now available for most markets and countries.

Pure Health: The Flavorful, Healthy Alternative to Fast Food
The success of Fresh &Healthy's Juice Zone and Yo-Good franchise concepts led naturally to the expanded menu – and broader opportunity – of our Pure Health stores.

The same commitment to fresh, healthy ingredients, quick service and convenient locations has served Pure Health well. Franchise Partners taking advantage of all that Pure Health has to offer have experienced strong and steady growth, with rising sales across all day parts.

Pure Health provides customers with a nutritious and delicious selection of sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads, along with fresh blends and juice drinks, and frozen yogurt treats. The combination is a winner, with Pure Health becoming a "go to" destination for loyal customers seeking a dining option to match their healthy life style.

Take a look at what makes Pure Health the world's most dynamic new health food franchise opportunity:

  • Attractive Store concepts
  • Fresh & Healthy Menu
  • Superior Locations
  • Master Franchise Rights Now Available

We invite you to further explore the terrific new franchise opportunity represented by Pure Health.

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