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Oil & Gas Outsourcing and Consultancy

Manpower supply in all oil field services categories

a. Rig site Drilling engineering (Drilling manager, drilling engineer, company man, Driller, Rig manager, HSE engineer, Rig Crew, ..,etc)

b. Special engineering consultants (mud engineer, directional engineer, wellhead engineer, completion tools engineer, Bit runner, instrumentations engineer, reservoir engineer, production engineer, civil engineer, storage tanks design engineer, M/LWD engineer, logging engineer…, etc)

c. Rig site (Mechanical engineer & electrical engineer)

Downstream Consultancy Services
  1. 1. Engineering and Maintenance Works for:
    • Decontamination
      • Hydrocarbon, Toxic gasses, Mercury, Pyrophoric and sludge
    • Chemical Cleaning
      • Re-boiler, Heat Exchanger and Cooler
      • Pit, Sump and Underground sewage
      • Tank and Vessel
      • Oil Well and Pipeline descaling
    • Special Design, Fabrication and Treatment
      • Mercury contaminated liquid waste treatment
      • Oxidative Desulfurization for low sulfur Diesel (EURO 4 standard)
  2. 2. In-house Laboratory Analysis to perform various tests such as:
    • Waste water
    • Scaling or Fouling
    • Catalyst Disposal
    • Oil and Gas Properties

Upstream Consultancy Services
  • Drilling Fluids Engineering
  • Provision of Drilling Rig Manpower
  • Reservoir & Production Technology Engineering
  • Directional Drilling Engineering
  • Wellhead Installation Engineering
  • Completion Tools Engineering
  • Drilling Rig Instrumentations Engineering

Chemicals Consultancy

Specialized in supplying upstream & downstream Chemicals to managing to cover wide range of applications.

Downstream Specialty Chemicals for:
  • Oil and Gas production.
  • Refinery and Petrochemicals plants.
  • Maintenance of processing plant.
  • Decontamination of hazards.

Upstream Specialty Chemicals for Drilling & Completion Fluids:
  • Viscosifier Polymer for Water Based Mud.
  • Filtration Properties control (Starch) of Water Based Mud.
  • High Temperature fluid loss reducer (Polyanionic Cellulosic Polymer) for Water Based Mud.
  • Reservoir remediation fluid to enhance the well productivity.
  • Hollow Spheres for Sub-Hydrostatic Fluids.
  • Reservoir Non-Damaging Weighting Materials.

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